Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Plumber

The Plumber[A1] [A2] 

By Andy Vo


Super Mario [A3] drops though

pipes in world 1-1[A4] 

heavy breathing,[A5] 

and an exhausted face[A6] .


His blue overall worn

by jumping on goombas.


His hat charred burnt

by the flames of Bowser,

[A8] as his fireballs, bouncing

off to the distance,

knocking down any koopa.


Mario is embarrassed[A9] ,

of rushing into empty castles,

to only hear,

I’m sorry Mario

But the princess is in another castle.




 [A1]I am trying to make a poem similar to “Flames.” In the way Collins introduce more and more of the character in his own twist

 [A2]I try to keep the title vague to give the reader a chance to think and guess what the poem is about. It is similar to Collins’s other poems.

 [A3]I first introduce a character that is well known to the public. This gives the reader to imagine and picture the character first before I place my twist on it similarly to Collins.

 [A4]The first few lines introduces and image that supports the image of most people, only to completely change in a few lines later.

 [A5]I tried to give some characterization to Mario by making him more human. In the end it gives a little humor because it would be funny to imagine Mario tired.

 [A6]I placed my own twist on Mario at this point. Similar to Collins, I am describing more of the character and surprising the reader with a different image.

 [A7]Similar to “Flames.” He separates each sentence to its own stanza, while splitting the sentence to small lines.

 [A8]I try to be descriptive similar to Collins.

 [A9]By giving Mario emotion, it conflicts with the image of Mario in most people’s minds. It is similar to Collins’s description of Smokey the Bear.

 [A10]I am trying to get some humor by bringing in the famous line in the Super Mario games. 

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